Christophe ANGELY

Christophe ANGELY

Head of Strategy

Christophe Angely is an engineer in Mechanics and Electronics from ESME Sudria and holds an MBA from IAE (Aix en Pce) a Master degree in Risk Management in Financial Markets from the Aix Marseille University and an MSC in Development Economics at Paris 1 La Sorbonne.

After two years with Alstom in South Korea where he was a start-up engineer at the Uljin nuclear power plant, he joined the banking industry in 1989 and held various positions in Corporate and Investment banking within BNP and Paribas before moving to Deutsche Bank and in 2001 to Barclays in London. With Barclays he was Co-head of European Investment Banking till 2007 before leaving the bank for three years. He came back to Barclays in 2010 to help define and build a European Corporate Banking franchise till October 2014 when he left the bank to join the Ferdi.