Climate and development

Reconciling climate policies and development

COP21 was a major event in the 2015 development calendar and Ferdi was heavily involved  with numerous publications – including a joint book – preparatory events and the organisation of several workshops at Le Bourget. Ferdi is also involved in the post-COP21 debate, with analyses and ideas for moving towards “a workable and effective climate regime”.

Cop21: what follows on from the agreement?

Clearly the commitments and promises made in Paris are just one step on a long road. Additional efforts must be made to reduce emissions in the coming years, and more effective political measures adopted at both the national and international level.|Continue Reading

Climate vulnerability and allocation of adaptation funds - the PVCCI indicator

How should climate change adaptation funding be allocated to developing countries? How can sufficient resources be mobilised? How should these resources be split between adaptation and compensation? How should resources be split between countries? The rules regarding allocation of adaptation funds have yet to be clarified. |Continue reading


Although the term “environmental migration” is widely used, there has been little work on the consequences of climate change on migration at the macroeconomic level. The impact of the phenomenon remains a controversial topic. | Continue reading

ACCESS TO ELECTRICITY : what are the conditions for scaling up?

The introduction of electricity as a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) is innovative. It should stimulate research on the contribution of electrification to development, because achieving the objective requires the choice of projects that trigger sufficient socio-economic transformations, guaranteeing their own sustainability. | Continue reading

Trade policy and environment

There is a persistent fear that trade objectives and climate change objectives will come into conflict. | Continue reading

Can Africa DeveIop without Smokestacks?


Presentation by Jaime de Melo, Scientific Advisor, Ferdi : Workshop on trade and labor markets in developing countries organised by the Sao Paulo School...

Adaptation to Climate Change in Bangladesh

Isaure DELAPORTE, Mathilde MAUREL P145,

Climate change is expected to disproportionately affect agriculture; however, there is limited information on smallholder farmers ‘ overall vulnerability...

Financing Mitigation in Emerging Economies


COP 21 Paris : presentation by Barbara Buchner, Senior Director, Climate Policy Initiative, for the conference "Financing mitigation: how...

Adaptation Finance

Michèle de NEVERS

COP21 Paris : presentation by Michèle de Nevers, Senior Associate, Centre for Global Development,...

The state of climate negotiations

Brian P. FLANNERY P134,

Today, with little time remaining, negotiators confront a disorganized text that is far too long and replete with conflicting proposals that cross red...

Has trade openness reduced pollution in China?

Sandra PONCET, Laura HERING, José DE SOUSA P132,

We use recent detailed Chinese data on trade and pollution emissions to assess the environmental consequences of China’s integration into the...

Climate instability and international migration

Mathilde MAUREL, Michele TUCCIO P78,

The importance of international migration for its economic and social implications is nowadays widely acknowledged both in the academic literature and...

Unravelling the Worldwide Pollution Haven Effect

Jean-Marie GRETHER, Nicole A. MATHYS, Jaime DE MELO P40,

This paper tackles the “pollution haven” argument by estimating the pollution content of imports (PCI). The PCI is then decomposed into...

Reconciling Trade and Climate Policies

Nicole A. MATHYS, Jaime DE MELO P37,

The outcome of the 15th conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC in Copenhagen showed a shift from a top-down approach with a collective target favoring...

Trade and Climate Changes: The Challenges Ahead

Nicole A. MATHYS, Jaime DE MELO B13,

For a long time, trade and the environment have been odd bedfellows as environmentalists have claimed that the interests of the trade community have...

13 September 2018 to 15 September 2018 , Varsovie

European Trade Study Group (ETSG) 2018

Presentation by Jaime de Melo (FERDI and University of Geneva) and Jean-Marc Solleder (University of Geneva) : "Barriers to Trade in Environmental Goods"

13 November 2017 to 14 November 2017 , Florence

Workshop : Transnational Governance?

Jaime de Melo participated to this workshop organised by the School of Transnational Governance (European University Institute)

17 January 2017 to 18 January 2017 , Clermont-Ferrand

Transdisciplinary research on volcanic risk

Patrick Guillaumont was a speaker at the Panel discussion "Building transdisciplinary approaches: from risk analysis to decision making"

10 November 2016 to 15 November 2016 , Marrakech


Ferdi organised three conferences on aid for adaptation to climate change, decentralized electrification, and the reinforcement of the Paris Agreement ambitions

13 June 2016 to 16 June 2016 , Montréal

International economic forum of the Americas

Jaime de Melo, Scientific Advisor at Ferdi, was a panelist at the round table organised by the IOF on the new financial solutions to reduce carbon emissions in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement targets

30 November 2015 to 11 December 2015 , Le Bourget

Ferdi at the COP21

Ferdi organised four events during the COP21 and it participated at four others.

07 July 2015 to 10 July 2015 , Paris

Our common future under climate change

Patrick Guillaumont, President of the Ferdi and Jaime de Melo, scientific Advisor at the Ferdi will participate at two parallel sessions.

19 June 2015 to 20 June 2015 , Beijing

International Symposium "Land and Development"

Alain de Janvry, Senior Fellow at the Ferdi has presented his work on land rights at this symposium organized by the University of Chicago - Center in Bejing

, Clermont-Ferrand

Climate policies in developing countries

Preconference organised by Ferdi, Iddri and Cerdi introducing the 3rd International Conference "Environment and natural resources management in developing and transition economies"

, Brussels


Roundtable organized by the European Centre for International political economy, the Groupe d'Economie mondiale, the Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry.

17 October 2012 to 19 October 2012 , Clermont-Ferrand

"Migration and the Environnement"

The 17-18-19 October 2012, the CERDI of the University of Auvergne is organizing its Second International Conference on Environment and Natural Resources Management in Developing and Transition.

An Index of Physical Vulnerability to Climate Change

The Ferdi has created an Index of Physical Vulnerability to Climate Change (PVCCI), “physical” meaning that the index is independent from the current policy, making this index a potential criterion for the geographical allocation of international funds for climate change adaptation.

Pollution Terms of Trade

The indicator proposed by Jean-Marie Grether and Nicole A. Mathys is a Pollution Terms of Trade index, which is the ratio between the amount of pollution content per dollar of exports and the amount of pollution content per dollar of imports.