Culture and development

Culture as a new dimension in development

Belonging to a linguistic space and its effects on foreign trade has been examined in detail, with particular emphasis on the French-speaking world. The trade in cultural goods and the role of the media – and particularly new technologies – in public and economic life are also a key part of Ferdi’s work in the area of culture and development.

The economic impact of languages

To what extent does sharing a language with other countries represent an economic benefit? Does belonging to a linguistic space influence our trade relations? Our wealth? Our jobs? What is the impact of proficiency in foreign languages on employment and salaries?

In 2012, the linguistic policy unit at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development (MAEDI) approached Ferdi to carry out a study on the economic impact of the French language at the global level. A similar study on major linguistic spaces in the world was carried out in 2013-2014.

Egyptian revolution and development

Some studies by Ferdi have analysed the impact of the Egyptian revolution on women's access to the labour market, demonstrating an improvement in working conditions for women, compared to men, during the revolution.

Other research underway

Finally, in addition to the question of the link between language and development, Ferdi is examining the relationship between culture and development. An initial study is examining the development and trading of cultural goods. Work is also under way on the role of the media in Africa, and new technologies more generally, and their effects on political life, democracy and the economy.



Cultural proximity matters in times of crisis


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, Vichy

Synergies francophones

Philippe Messéant, Directeur des relations extérieures et du renforcement des capacités à la Ferdi interviendra sur le sujet de la formation et de la recherche.

30 March 2015 to 01 April 2015 , Manchester

Royal Economic Society Conference 2015

Mathilde Maurel, Director of research at the "CNRS" and Senior Fellow Ferdi, participated in the works of the Royal Economic Society conference 2015.

Ethnolinguistic fractionalization indicators

Kelly Labart proposes a critical guide presenting the main available indicators and the critics that have been usually addressed to the ethnolinguistic fragmentation indicators.