National economic policies, tax and financial system for development

Ferdi has significant expertise on tax policy, customs policy and financial development.

One of the main findings and recommendations of the Third United Nations International Conference on development finance in Addis Ababa (July 2015) was on the need to mobilise and make efficient use of domestic resources. Ferdi has significant expertise on these issues, in particular in relation to tax policy, customs policy and financial development.

Tax and customs policy and administration

The relationship between tax and customs policies, their decentralisation and their fundamental role in the process of regional integration lie at the heart of Ferdi’s studies and activities. Ferdi's research focuses on :

  • A new measure of tax effort and the availability of a database on tax revenues
  • Evaluating tax expenditure
  • Taxation and regional integration
  • Measuring the performance of tax and customs authorities
  • Mining taxation : Ferdi, in partnership with the ICTD, is conducting a study on the distribution of mining rents between investors and states. Ferdi is developing a database of tax and legal information, applied to the gold-mining sector in 14 African countries.


Banking sector, financial structures and development

Promoting pro-poor financial development

In particular, the domestic public resources released must allow local and national authorities to mobilise private domestic resources to fund sustainable long-term development. The first condition is to ensure price stability based on good macroeconomic policies. A second priority for countries with the lowest availability of banking services,  is access to a high-performance, innovative payment system and securing savings. Continue reading

A new Chinese development model ?

China, in the wake of the global recession which saw its exports fall and the pace of its economic growth slow, has set about a re-appraising its development model.


Project to support the reform of the Guinean tax administration

As part of the European Union's Budget Support Programme in Guinea (2017-2019), the EU is supporting Guinea's government through a tax administration reform project (PARAF project). It aims to increase revenue mobilization. Continue reading

Financial volatility, macroprudential regulation and economic growth in low-income countries

This project, carried out in conjunction with the University of Manchester, the joint research unit DIAL (Development, Institutions and Globalization) and Gaston Berger University in Saint-Louis (Senegal), studies the relationship between volatility, growth, aid and poverty.  Continue reading







L’évaluation des dépenses fiscales


Presentation by Anne-Marie Geouron (FERDI) and Emilie Caldeira (CERDI-Université Clermont Auvergne and FERDI)

First mission to support...

Corruption, taxes and compliance

Anja BAUM, Sanjeev GUPTA, Elijah KIMANI, Sampawende J.-A. TAPSOBA

This article revisits the effects of corruption on the state’s capacity to raise revenue, building on the existing empirical...

Policy responses to terms of trade shocks

Pierre JACQUET, Alexis ATLANI, Marwan LISSER P205,

Terms-of-trade shocks are important determinants of long-term growth in commodity-rich developing countries. Transforming...

Volatility Widens Inequality. Could Aid and Remittances Help?


We analyse the relationship between income volatility and inequality and the conditional role played by aid and remittances. Using a panel of 142 countries...

Does External Financing drive Growth?

Jean-Louis COMBES, Aminata HAIDARA, Tidiane KINDA, Rasmané OUEDRAOGO, Patrick PLANE, Ousmane SAMBA MAMADOU B151,

Evidence for the growth impact of capital inflows remains open to question. Capital inflows can directly support economic growth by relaxing constraints...

Product Relatedness and Firm Exports in China


We propose the first evaluation using micro-level data of the gains from the consistency of activities with a local comparative...

Has trade openness reduced pollution in China?

Sandra PONCET, Laura HERING, José DE SOUSA P132,

We use recent detailed Chinese data on trade and pollution emissions to assess the environmental consequences of China’s integration into the...

Too Much Finance?


This paper examines whether there is a threshold above which financial depth no longer has a positive effect on economic growth. We use different empirical...

The illusion of tax expenditures in Africa

Anne-Marie GEOURJON, Grégoire ROTA-GRAZIOSI B96,

Tax expenditure is transfer of public funds resulting from a reduction of tax obligations in relation to a standard, rather than direct spending (OECD,...

Product relatedness and firm exports in China


We propose the first evaluation using micro-level data of the expected growth gains from the consistency of activities with local comparative advantage....

When Unstable, Growth Is Less Pro-Poor


Macroeconomic instability has been increasingly considered as a factor lowering average income growth and, in this way, is...

, Paris

Banque de France-FERDI seminar

Discussion of research papers : "Credit risk and Bank competition in Sub Saharan Africa" and “Technology Gap, Managerial Efficiency and Ownership: Evidence From the Banking System in MENA”

, Paris

Réunion des ministres de la Zone franc

Anne-Marie Geourjon, Patrick Guillaumont et Grégoire Rota Gaziosi ont participé à la discussion sur la mobilisation des recettes fiscales en Zone franc.

04 September 2017 to 05 September 2017 , Paris

10th Convergences World Forum

Anne-Marie Geourjonmoderated the session on fiscal optimization and development financing.

20 September 2016 to 21 September 2016 , Paris

Tagpay World 2016

Christophe Angely, Director of Strategy at Ferdi, participated at the TagPay conference on digital banking and digital financial services

, Paris

Séminar organised by COMOZOF and Ferdi

Samuel Guérineau presented his paper co-written with Florian Léon : "Information sharing, credit booms and financial stability in developing countries".

17 November 2015 to 20 November 2015 , Brazzaville

Renforcement de la vision régionale des réformes douanières

Séminaire régional organisé par le Département des finances publiques (FAD) du Fonds monétaire international (FMI) financé par le Japon, dans le compte « JSA », en liaison avec le Centre d’assistance technique pour l’Afrique Centrale (AFRITAC Centre)

19 June 2015 to 20 June 2015 , Beijing

International Symposium "Land and Development"

Alain de Janvry, Senior Fellow at the Ferdi has presented his work on land rights at this symposium organized by the University of Chicago - Center in Bejing

10 December 2013 to 12 December 2013 , Lomé

ICTD Annual Meeting 2013

ICTD organised this year its annual conference in a francophone african country on various thematics associated to tax and customs policy.

Tax Revenue Dataset for Sub-Saharan Africa: 1980-2010

The main innovation for this tax revenue dataset for Sub-Saharan Africa is the level of detail it provides about tax revenue sources for a large number of countries (41) and over a long time period (1980-2010).