An Index of Physical Vulnerability to Climate Change

The Ferdi has created an Index of Physical Vulnerability to Climate Change (PVCCI), “physical” meaning that the index is independent from the current policy, making this index a potential criterion for the geographical allocation of international funds for climate change adaptation.

Minining tax database for Africa

FERDI publishes the first tax and legal database which specify the tax regime applied to industrial gold mining companies in 21 African countries from the 1980s to 2016.

Cyclonic activity intensity index (IIC)

We propose a cyclonic activity intensity index (IIC) calculated at the country level which takes into account several parameters such as cyclone wind speed, wind duration but also the part of the territory affected by the cyclonic event. The index is constructed, and it is non-zero, for 128 countries and territories affected by the cyclonic activity recorded over the period 1970-2014 (3915 events).

Human Assets Index

The Ferdi has worked over the last years in collaboration with the UN-DESA to build retrospective series of the HAI index. In 2016, thanks to the statistical work of Michaël Goujon and Sosso Feindouno, the HAI is now available in an annual database covering the period 1990-2014 for more 145 developing countries.

Internal Violence Index (IVI)

The Internal Violence Index (IVI) aims at comparing the amount of violence at the country level for 130 developing countries.

A retrospective Economic Vulnerability Index

The Economic Vulnerability Index (EVI), built by the United Nations with the contribution of the Ferdi (see LDC program), is made readily available on an updated retrospective version.

Demographic data, mortality and fertilility

The Ferdi benefits from a huge work of reconstruction of annual data series covering the period 1950 until now, for under-5 mortality rate and fertility in Sub-Saharan countries by Michel Garenne, research director at IRD.