Conférence 2015 de la Royal Economic Society

Mathilde Maurel, Directeur de recherche au CNRS et Senior Fellow Ferdi, a participé à la conférence annuelle de la "Royal Economic Society"

Mathilde Maurel a participé a la session 84 :

Development Economics: Gender II

Session Chair: Sonia Bhalotra, University of Essex UK

Do improved property rights decrease violence against women in India?

By Sofia Amaral

Presented by: Sofia Amaral, University of Birmingham, UK

Women as Policy Makers and Donors: Female Legislators and Foreign Aid

By Daniel Hicks; University of Oklahoma
Joan Hicks; UC Berkeley CEGA
Beatriz Maldonado; College of Charleston

 Presented by: Daniel Hicks, University of Oklahoma

Women and political change: Evidence from the Egyptian revolution

By Mathilde Maurel, CNRS

Presented by: Mathilde Maurel, CNRS

Maternal Mortality and Female Life Expectancy: The Importance of Gender Inequality

By Sonia Bhalotra; University of Essex UK
Joseph Gomes; University of Essex

 Presented by: Sonia Bhalotra, University of Essex UK

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