Food Commodity Market Instability and Food Security in Developing Countries

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Food insecurity is caused by both low incomes, as well as variations in incomes and food prices faced by low-income households. While a lot has been written about food price volatility and the attendant increase in food insecurity of a large part of the world’s poor, the major policy to fight food insecurity remains a general rise in the incomes of those affected. The paper reviews the various aspects of food commodity market instability and development, such as the impacts of domestic and trade policies, the impacts of market distortions, impacts of low transmission, and others, and suggests priorities among a variety of old and new policies to manage future food price spikes reduce food insecurity.

Sarris, A. (2015), "Food commodity market instability and food security in developing countries", paper presented at the 16th annual Global Development Network Conference in Morocco, June 11-13, 2015.