Unravelling the Worldwide Pollution Haven Effect

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This paper tackles the “pollution haven” argument by estimating the pollution content of imports (PCI). The PCI is then decomposed into three components:
(i) a “deep” component (i.e. traditional variables unrelated to the environmental debate); (ii) a factor endowment component and (iii) a “pollution haven” component reflecting the impact of differences in environmental policies. The
estimation is carried out for 1987 for an extensive data set covering 10 pollutants, 48 countries and 79 ISIC 4-digit sectors.

Grether, J.M., N. Mathys, et J. de Melo "Unravelling the Worldwide Pollution Haven Effect" Ferdi, Document de travail P40, mars 2012

Codes JEL : F18 , Q56